UET30921 - Certificate III in ESI - Very Remote Community Utilities

Energy Skill Solutions

UET30821 - Certificate III in ESI - Distribution Underground

UET20321 - Certificate II in ESI- Powerline Vegetation Control

UET30621 - Distribution Overhead

3 people in safety gear being trained to work on electrical through Energy Skills Solutions ESS

Energy Skills Solutions offers training, assessment and consultancy solutions for the electricity supply and electrical industries.

Founded on the expertise and background of its Director with over 45 years’ experience in electricity supply industry operations and training, Energy Skills Solutions is committed to delivering the highest quality training, assessment, and consultancy services.

Energy Skills Solutions prides itself on establishing and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, through Respect, Empathy and Genuineness. We strive to be the training provider of choice for our clients.  

As a Registered Training Organisation

Energy Skills Solutions is obligated to deliver high quality, well managed and competitive services.

Safety and Environment






Our Services

Courseware Design and Development

Customised Training Courses

Procedure Development

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Skills Assessments and Audits

Training Needs Analysis and Training Plan Development

Systems Development (Training and Assessment)

electrical training online an in person with Energy Skills Solutions ESS

Our People

Along with the background and experience of its Director, Energy Skills Solutions engages only the most skilled and knowledgeable trainers in the industry.

Our unique arrangement means that trainers when not training can undertake field based work to maintain and build their technical skills and knowledge.

Many of Energy Skills Solutions trainers operate their own electrical contracting or Electricity Supply Industry construction/maintenance business.  
Energy Skills Solutions trainers also hold the current Certificate IV training and assessment qualification. We believe in building relationships with Respect, Empathy and Genuineness. Please feel free to contact us to assist you with your training requirements.

electrical safety gear and regulations being learnt

Safety First

With safety seen as a reflection of an organisation’s commitment to its people, Energy Skills Solutions ensures safety is embedded into and an integral part of the services delivered.

In particular, Energy Skills Solutions uses training as an opportunity to influence and promote:

  • A culture intolerant of unsafe practices and conditions
  • An attitude of “there’s always time to do it safely”
  • “Do it safely or not at all”
  • “Unsafe practices are not acceptable”
  • “Safety Above All”
“Energy Skills Solutions delivers courses to optimise learning and make training both informative and enjoyable”

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